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Mindscapes is a counseling practice centered on the creative, LGBTQIA+, non-conforming, chronically ill, and vegan communities founded by Michelle Heyden, MAAT, LCPC.  Michelle is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Art Therapist with over 20 years post-graduate experience providing healing-centered, trauma-informed therapy to adults and couples from diverse backgrounds.  *Currently all services are provided virtually*

I provide a warm and non-judgmental space to explore obstacles hindering clients from personal and creative self-fulfillment. I am committed to LGBTQIA+ affirmative and anti-oppressive care. My approach is collaborative, client-centered, goal-oriented, and holistic while drawing from Internal Family Systems/Parts work, relational therapy, psychodynamic models, polyvagal/nervous system regulation techniques, mind-body somatic practices, and expressive arts therapies. I utilize interactive discussion and expressive exercises tailored to each individual's needs.

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions that you may have regarding my services.

Michelle Heyden, MAAT, LCPC
pronouns: she/her
 Founder / President of Mindscapes

Michelle Heyden, MAAT, LCPC, Founder of Mindscapes Counseling


I specialize in helping individuals to gain insight, learn coping skills, and tap into undiscovered or lost internal & external resources for the following issues: 

≈ Issues Specific to Artists, Musicians, Performers, & Anyone Involved in Creative Fields 


≈ Issues Specific to members of the LGBTQIA+, Neurodivergent, & Vegan communities


≈ Chronic Illness/Chronic Disease/Health Issues

≈ Confusion Regarding Self-Identity, Purpose, & Meaning in Life


≈ Grief

≈ Childhood/Trauma Issues

≈ Depression

≈ Anxiety

≈ Low Self-Esteem

≈ Relationship Issues

≈ School/Workplace Difficulties

≈ Life Transitions



I use art therapy as a service to help individuals access and express feelings too complex and/or difficult to verbally discuss. It can be utilized as a primary treatment or as an adjunct to enhance verbal
psychotherapy.  All ages can benefit from this and no experience in art is required.   /or difficult to verbally discuss. It can be utilized as a primary treatment or as an adjunct to enhance verbal


I help couples strengthen their relationships and deal more effectively with the following issues:

≈ Poor or Strained Communication 

≈ Frequent Arguments
≈ Pre-marital or Pre-commitment Concerns

≈ Difficulty Handling Stress Together

≈ Infidelity

≈ Trust Issues


I provide affordable case consultation services for mental health professionals that are fully licensed or are seeking licensure. 


Helpful articles posted on the Mindscapes facebook page 

Mindscapes, Inc
Michelle Heyden, MAAT, LCPC

4000 W. Montrose Ave, #693

Chicago, IL 60641  
(312) 841-7278  

© Mindscapes
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