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I specialize in helping individuals ages 11 and up to gain insight, learn coping skills, and tap into undiscovered or lost internal resources for the following issues: 

≈ Issues Specific to Artists, Musicians, Performers, & Anyone Involved in Creative Fields 

≈ Confusion Regarding Self-Identity, Purpose, & Meaning in Life

≈ Grief


≈ Childhood/Trauma Issues

≈ Depression

≈ Anxiety

≈ Low Self-Esteem

≈ Relationship Issues

≈ School/Workplace Difficulties

≈ Life Transitions


I use art therapy as a service to help individuals access and express feelings too complex and/or difficult to verbally discuss.  It can be utilized as a primary treatment or as an adjunct to enhance verbal psychotherapy.  All ages can benefit from this and no experience in art is required.


I help couples and families strengthen their relationships and deal more effectively with the following issues:

≈ Poor or Strained Communication 

≈ Frequent Agruments
≈ Pre-marital or Pre-commitment Concerns

≈ Difficulty Handling Stress Together

≈ Infidelity

≈ Trust Issues


I provide affordable case consultation services for mental health professionals that are fully licensed or are seeking licensure.

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